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Council on Intelligence Issues

Intel Basics


The Council on Intelligence Issues prepares or provides access to articles, books, reviews, blogs, and other publications of note that may affect or relate to CIA and other intelligence agencies, employees, intelligence issues, or otherwise have national security implications.  These include items availabe through government agencies or private entities.

The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats has released the Intelligence Community's 2019 National Intelligence Strategy.  

For brief highlights, see the Post's 10 sobering quotes from the new National Intelligence Strategy

See publications of The Intelligence and Security Academy for expert insights about the collection and analysis of intelligence and how intelligence community elements carry out their missions.


Intelligence Literature from CIA website


Intelligence Publications from AFIO Website


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IntelAid Assistance


This section contains articles, guidance, and other information to help intelligence officers identify, better appreciate, and deal with complex legal and other challenges arising out of their employment.


Justice Department Regulations for Representation of Government Officials by Department of Justice or Private Counsel


See regulations about serving process and obtaining access to CIA material (CIA Regulations)


For in-depth legal analysis of "How National Security Can Trump Individual Rights" (Read Here)


To view a compilation of laws relating to intelligence, see the ODNI's Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book


Security Clearance Process: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions, prepared by Congressional Research Service 


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CII News and Opinion

Articles, letters, opinion pieces, and other publications by or about the Council on Intelligence Issues (CII).  

CII's Co-Founder Bill Murray recently gave a podcast interview to share some of the experiences and challenges he faced during his 38-year career as an intelligence operations officer.  Read Goodstory Transcript and Hear the Podcast excerpts.

To view highlights of CII's June 24 panel Intelligence Operations in a Digital Age as well as Charles Duelfer's commentary on topics raised during the panel discussion posted on July 12 (Quandaries: Deep Fakes and Cyber Conflict), See CII Panel Highlights and Commentary 


May 2018: CII Letter to SSCI on Haspel Nomination [Read Here]


From CII's Archives:

CII's View of Interrogation Report: "CIA Officers and the American Public Deserve More" [Read Here] or link to The Washington Times article 


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About Us

The Council on Intelligence Issues (CII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2010 to educate intelligence personnel and the public about important intelligence and other national security interests.  CII helps current and former officers, employees, and families of the CIA and other intelligence community agencies who may need legal counseling or other assistance in connection with their intelligence service.

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