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Intelligence Awareness

Expert Networks

The CII hosts panel discussions, seminars, and other events and prepares informational materials drawn from a network of experts willing to speak or write responsibly about intelligence issues.  A broad range of educational activities:


  • Sponsors or produces research and identifies informational materials prepared by others to provide expert analysis of current intelligence and other national security issues as well as guidance to assist intelligence officers with questions relating to work-related issues. 


  • Participates in or sponsors symposia, conferences, roundtable discussions, lectures, and other events at colleges, universities, business, government, and other venues.


CII also supports requests for access to speakers, authors, and other experts who are interested in enhancing the public's awareness of intelligence and national security by writing or speaking at colleges, universities, and other institutions.  Interested parties may contact CII for assistance in identifying experts around the country to engage in responsible, informed dialogue on intelligence-related issues and topics.  In some instances we expect to call upon or refer requesters to other groups that already maintain speaker bureaus so as not to duplicate their well-stablished efforts.


For more information about access to the CII expert networks, please contact or, or click here to Contact Us.


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About Us

The Council on Intelligence Issues (CII) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 2010 to educate intelligence personnel and the public about important intelligence and other national security interests. CII helps current and former officers, employees, and families of the CIA and other intelligence community agencies who may need legal counseling or other assistance in connection with their intelligence service.

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